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TAG has considerable experience in providing construction management and acquisition teams who support existing facilities management, new facilities construction, and facilities renovation in the Federal arena.

Explore our related experience summaries below.

We offer scalable, team-oriented services in program and project management, acquisition support, and buildings management to support a range of Federal construction project and facilities management needs.  Our construction team model has successfully served clients including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the General Services Administration, and the Department of Defense-Defense Commissary Agency.

our service offerings are available under SINs 871-7 Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services; 874-6 Acquisition Management Support; and 874-7 Integrated Business Program Support Services.

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Department of Veterans Affairs
Bridge Over River
National Parks Service
General Services Administration
Defense Commissary Agency

Department of Veterans Affairs

Under contract 36C25918F4468, TAG currently provides a team of Contract Specialists who support the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Network Contracting Office 19.  

Our Contract Specialists perform contract support duties across the acquisitions lifecycle, including: 
    •support on awarding and terminating contracts; 
    •providing research and analysis to support the Contracting Officers’ decision-making; 
    •providing procurement assistance and advice to customers; 
    •providing price and cost advice throughout acquisitions lifecycle; 
    •assisting in acquisitions strategy, requirements review and SOW development;
    •and preparing contract documents.

Among the Contract Specialists we provide to the VA are a small team who focus on acquisitions related specifically to construction and renovation. This team performs acquisition support for complex construction projects, and as such, possesses specialized skills sets; they have backgrounds in architecture and engineering and in some cases are project managers as well.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) relies on this team for subject matter expertise in the startup and build phases of constructions projects, the most recent being the new Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center.  These Contract Specialists assist the Contracting Officers by working with Construction Project Managers in requirements definition and scope definition for design/build and renovation projects, researching funding requirements and availability, and providing construction expertise throughout the contract. 

Department of Veterans Affairs
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