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Because we get to know you, TAG’s solutions are personalized solutions to IT challenges.  To be successful in this ever-changing technology world, you need us to analyze your IT needs, identify and recommend solutions, and then successfully design, construct, test and deploy those solutions using the technology platform that is best suited to the job.

Project &

Program Management

The Arcanum Group’s experienced Project Managers drive your project to success.  Our experts deploy formalized program and project management techniques that we have mastered and proven over the past 15 years.  TAG’s broad public sector experience includes Construction, Environmental Services, Acquisition, Business Process Management, IT projects, and more. 




The Arcanum Group delivers the talent your agency needs.  Our proven, active recruiting programs have long provided resources to perfectly fit both your short-term (90 days to one year) and long-term (one to five years +) talent needs.  TAG’s corporate culture and environment ensure an engaged and committed workforce.

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