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Your organization’s Information Technology capabilities and processes are among the most critical components of your organization’s success.  It is imperative that they coincide with your organization’s execution strategy in today’s “do more with less” environment.  TAG’s IT solutions help you assess your organization’s needs and address required outcomes.  Our approach is centered on solving your issues, without pre-determination of a specific technology.


TAG has entered into strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Infor, which offer you access to a wide array of the best enterprise applications available.



Our Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management

Improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives.

Customer Relationship Management

Deliver a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, with an award-winning CRM solution so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries – both in the office and in the field.

Enterprise Resources Planning

Provide complete visibility into your business operations enabling you to make faster, smarter decisions using our robust tool-set for financial management, human capital management, procurement, and analytics.

Enterprise Financial Management

Improve the efficiency of key organizational functions through advanced process automation, mobile access, and analytics.

Human Capital Management

Empower organizational leaders with the talent management and HR systems needed to optimize the workforce and help solve the unique challenges in governmental and educational organizations. 

Risk and Compliance

Automate monitoring of 100% of your transactions and cut hundreds of hours out of audit cycles.  Automate testing, track results and trends, expose exceptions and violations, investigate and tack action.

Our Services


Implementation of your mission critical applications requires more than just installing the software and clicking an icon.  Our consultants collaborate with you and your stakeholders as guides to the capabilities of your application so that you can maximize your productivity and return on investment.


We use an integrated team approach, working as partners with you to be sure your business needs are addressed.   Our implementation team establishes a thorough understanding of the tasks, business processes, applicable directives, instructions, and other procedures to ensure critical operational requirements are met and exceeded. We integrate risk management and continuous improvement in our quality control plans and all aspects of our services, providing the best possible performance and value for our customer.


Large, successful projects are not created in a vacuum. Our consultants have years of experience in the planning, analysis, development, and change activities that must be executed before and after a successful implementation.  Before you have defined or committed to a specific technology solution or project, we can be there to help.  We will facilitate the strategic planning process including the development of technology strategy roadmaps, enterprise technology alignment, and acquisition strategies.  TAG’s knowledgeable consultants assist with business case analysis and requirements development.  We will work with your leadership team to plan and lead the change management that is critical before, during, and after implementation to make your project or program a long-term success.

The Arcanum Group has fully reviewed Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and supports our Government clients in complying with its standards.

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